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/home/mrbwebsite/public_html/text/budget.txtAAU basketball involves competitive tournament play nationwide, primarily during the spring and summer season.

Involvement in AAU affords our youth the opportunity to improve skills; gain valuable experience playing a wide range of highly competitive teams, and the opportunity to build character and learn integrity through winning and losing. In addition, it keeps our youth involved in positive, supervised activities, and creating lifetime memories. Our current teams will compete in tournaments in the state and will travel to other states to compete against other teams.

The entry fees alone for these tournaments range from $250.00 to over $600.00 for national tournaments and AAU national tournaments. As you see, expenses for a team can be overwhelming considering that we are a self-funded, non-profit organization.

The AAU motto is “Sports for All, Forever”. However, due to the tremendous expenses associated with such a program, participation can be cost-prohibitive for some of our youth.

The Ballerz organization will be involved in various fundraising activities, however this typically does not generate the revenue necessary to maintain a program such as this.

We would greatly appreciate any donation or sponsorship from your company or organization.

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